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About Us

TypeStack is the only platform you will ever need to run and scale your blog writing and publishing game, effortlessly. We have designed and developed it keeping in mind the myriad of challenges that content creators, marketers, bloggers, and startups come across while churning out content. 


Being an easy-to-use and powerful WordPress alternative, TypeStack packs in all the necessary features you need, from auto-optimization of technical SEO to AMP-powered pages.

All Hands In

Our Story

Hailing from a tech-based background, TypeStack’s co-founders, Silus Reddy and Rakesh Vaddadi were always inclined to solve problems through technology, and Windo, which happens to be one of their successful SaaS products, is a testament to their technical prowess. They always believe in finding simple solutions to complex problems.


Creating disruptive SaaS products at affordable prices has always been their core vision, and TypeStack is a byproduct of the same. TypeStack is made for bloggers, startups, marketers, freelancers, side hustles, main hustles, content creators, solopreneurs, or anyone who wants to put their content game on autopilot.

Our Mission

To put your content in the forefront, you need to have a sharp focus on generating performance-driven content, minus all the unnecessary distractions. Worrying about SEO strategies, page load speed, complex maintenance, security loopholes, and complex plugins should be the last thing on your mind! This is where TypeStack helps you out by delivering an out-of-the-box experience, right from when you start creating your content till it goes live. 


TypeStack’s design language closely focuses on two key aspects, and they are Clutter-free UI and Features that empower you. The same is reflected through our distraction-free editor, advanced SEO Checklists, and Detailed Analytics. In short, as a WordPress alternative, TypeStack offers everything you need to make your blog perform and rank.

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