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typestack v/s Ghost

The Brief

SEO-rich blogs have become a necessity for creators and businesses to improve their search engine rankings and brand awareness. Content creation and publishing are daunting and time-consuming. Because with creativity and innovation, you also need advanced tools and features to maximize the quality of your content and enhance its impact on your target audience.

TypeStack and Ghost are popular platforms for blogging and focus on catering to your content needs. These platforms can help you build effective content strategies to drive more traffic and increase your brand awareness.

While TypeStack and Ghost are the best blogging tools in 2023, one of them is superior to the other in terms of features, scalability, and more. In this article, we will compare these platforms on seven factors and tell you which is the best platform for you.

Grab a cup of coffee because this is going to be an interesting read.

The Intro

What is TypeStack?

TypeStack is a no-code blogging tool that allows creators and businesses to create and publish content seamlessly. It uses AI to auto-optimize your content for page speed and SEO. TypeStack is an ideal blogging platform without hassle, maintenance requirements, or complex setup.

With TypeStack, you can begin your blogging journey without any distractions or a learning curve.

What is Ghost?

Ghost is an open-source blogging platform for creators to write, publish, and share their content. Its minimalistic design and effective functionality make it one of the best blogging platforms for users. Unlike WordPress, it is strictly for blogging purposes and uses advanced tools to create a long-lasting impact of your content on your target audience.

This platform is excellent in terms of design options and quality content publishing.

While TypeStack and Ghost cater to your content needs, they are different from each other.

Let’s find out how!

The Comparison

  1. Cost

Pricing is one of the most common and important factors to consider before choosing a platform. Because a powerful blogging platform with high cost won’t serve you any good but push into a pool of expenses. 

TypeStack has two pricing plans: Monthly and Annual Plan. has a single plan that costs $29 per month (billed monthly) and $19 per month (billed annually), offers users unlimited access to all its features and capabilities. 

You can try its 14-day free trial to understand its tools and features. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can do it anytime. 

Ghost has four pricing plans: Starter, Creator, Team, and Business. These plans cost $9, $25, $50, and $199, respectively. Some common features in these plans are official ghost themes, standard built-in integrations, and more. The higher the plan, the more features. 

  1. SEO 

TypeStack uses AI that helps you create SEO-focused content and does real-time analysis of your content. Real-time analysis can tell you the shortcomings in your content and take steps to optimize it accordingly. 

You can also take advantage of its auto SEO optimization to focus more on content writing and improving the quality of your content. 

Ghost has an in-built SEO optimization feature that fulfils all your SEO needs; however, its SEO feature is effective only for creators focusing on content publishing and not the ones running an eCommerce store. Thus, it limits users in numerous ways. 

  1. Plugins 

TypeStack has several integrations and plugins that can help in increasing the effectiveness of your content. For instance, you can use Google Search Console, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and more to boost traffic on your blog and increase your online visibility. 

Ghost has several free plugins to use for different content needs. If you want to try and experiment with different plugins, Ghost is definitely the right platform for you because it has it all. 

  1. Themes 

Unlike WordPress and Ghost, TypeStack does not have unlimited theme options; however, the limited themes are enough for your content requirements because they are tailor-made for you. Plus, you don’t need any learning curve or prior coding experience to use its themes and customize your blog. Also, it allows you to create your own theme in whichever way you want.

Whereas Ghost has several theme options for creators to use for their blogs. But you need a good coding experience to understand its themes and templates and use them to customize your blog. The process is a bit tricky and can be overwhelming. You can easily use their in-built templates; however, if you want to go the extra mile to personalize your blog and make it more appealing, it is better to use Ghost if you have prior coding experience. 

  1. Ease of Use 

TypeStack is a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful blogging platform that helps you fulfil your content requirements and achieve your goals. Its tools and features help in improving your SEO ranking and also enhance page speed for a better user experience. TypeStack is one of the best platforms to start blogging without any hassle. 

Its dashboard is user-friendly that lets users navigate through the entire website smoothly. It is tailor-made for creators who want to begin their writing journey. 

Ghost is beginner-friendly and allows users to write and publish content seamlessly. You can monetize your content and reach your target audience by signing up on Ghost. Moreover, it allows you to customize your website and manage your members. 

  1. Page Load Speed 

An excellent page load speed is critical to your blog's success. If your page takes a lot of time to load, your audience will disappear and switch to competitors. A good page load speed is an important factor in improving your search engine rankings. Thus, it is crucial to focus on the same. 

TypeStack focuses on page load speed with its lightning-page load speeds feature. It also uses server-side rendering (SSR) and AMP pages that work perfectly for desktop and mobile. You can manually set up AMPs and focus on your content quality while TypeStack takes care of your page load speed. 

Like TypeStack, Ghost also makes sure that your web pages load quickly to enhance your search engine results and rank higher. It constantly focuses on improving your page speed while you create and publishes content effortlessly. 

  1. Complexity 

TypeStack has advanced tools and features for content creation and publishing. It requires no learning curve and has a functionality that is easy to understand. It is fully responsive and does not hamper your website performance. 

Furthermore, in TypeStack, you don’t have to update everything manually. It does all the hard work for you in order to let you focus on quality content creation. 

While Ghost has all the important tools and features, its functionality is a bit complex and cannot be understood by everyone. You need technical expertise to understand its working. It's more suitable for posts, tags, and static pages and not for your complex needs. 

Also, its no built-in search functionality makes it more difficult for users to navigate the website. Thus, it can lead to a poor user experience, lowering your blog visibility and overall website traffic. 

Which is a Better Blogging Platform: TypeStack or Ghost

Head-to-head, TypeStack, and Ghost offer excellent features and performance. 

But, TypeStack is a better blogging platform as compared to Ghost because of no learning curve, affordable pricing, and hassle-free process. Although Ghost also focuses on clutter-free writing and content publishing, it is more complex than TypeStack and requires an extensive learning curve and coding skills. 

Ghost offers several theme options and is a simple blogging and monetization platform; however, it lacks flexibility and limits users with customization options because of the needs of prior coding experience. 

With TypeStack, you don’t have to worry about anything and focus on content creation while it also takes care of your SEO. 

Wrapping Up 

TypeStack’s AI-driven approach makes it an effective blogging platform by improving the impact of your content on your target audience. TypeStack is also cost-effective. Its annual plan is much cheaper compared to Ghost’s monthly plans and also offers a better user experience to the users. Thus, if you want to get started with your blogging journey, TypeStack is the right choice. 

We hope this article helped you understand the comparison between TypeStack and Ghost and make a wise decision before you get started with blogging. 

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