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Blog Analytics


Around 95% of bloggers use analytics for their blogs.

Analytics that helps you know your audience!

How does it work?

Analyze your content with a few steps.

1. Click on the "Analytics" tab on your dashboard to view blog-level analytics

2. Go to your posts

3. Click on the Analytics link beside any blog post or performance score

Why do you need it?

Grow your business by publishing what your audience like! If you’re a startup, agency, or professional blogger- this works best to check content’s performance.

  1. Access to posts’ summary

You will be able to see the summary of your top posts and categories as per the date filter and will get to know other information in detail:

  1. Viewers Growth

  2. Subscriber Growth

  3. Viewers’ source

2. Know your views’ growth

Understanding your views’ growth can help you take your business to a different level and make it more successful. You will be benefitted from this in many ways:

  1. Checking content popularity

  2. More potential subscribers

  3. Increased exposure and traffic

3. Individual post-level analytics

It can be viewed easily; all you have to do is to click on analytics next to any of your posts. With this, you will be able to see:

  1. Performance and SEO scores

  2. Viewer growth

  3. Average time spent on the post

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