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Clutter-free Editor


Gain up to 7x writing speed with TypeStack’s editor!

An editor that lets you write productively, keeping all the hassles away

How does it work?

  1. Go to Dashboard, and click on the button "+ Create post" 

  2. You can also click on the “Create New Post/Page” button, located at the top right corner of your screen

  3. Or enter the URL ‘’ and land directly on the editor!

Why do you need it?

Have fewer things to worry about, and get more space to play with!

  1. Prioritize your writing

Be it a blogger, entrepreneur, marketer, or anyone, to write effectively, one needs to get in the zone. TypeStack’s editor has been designed exactly for it. 

  • Articulate your thoughts in a more refined way by keeping clutter at bay.

  • Access the editor instantly by typing

  • Super fast & lightweight editor that feels like a breeze.

2. Improve productivity

Don’t let anything come your way that just kills your writing mood. Our editor looks exactly like Notion, thus offering you a familiar experience. 

  • Change the blog URL in just a few steps.

  • Add a table of content just by enabling/disabling the toggle switch in Settings.

  • SEO checklist containing tasks-to-be-completed. Rank higher!

  • Schedule when your post needs to be published. 

3. Laser-sharp focus

Transcribe those great ideas into beautiful words without losing focus. Get a clean and calm environment to work in. 

  • In Settings, enable ‘Focus Mode’ for an enhanced experience.

  • Get an outline of the post written by you.

  • The checklist that puts your content SEO on auto-pilot

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