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Custom Domain


Be memorable, be easily discoverable! 

Get a custom domain that strengthens your company’s online moniker.

How does it work?

Connecting your custom domain on TypeStack is just a 3-step process!

1. Go to settings > custom domain 

2. Choose whether you want to connect a domain or sub-path to your blog

3. Update your DNS settings in your domain provider’s dashboard to connect it

Why do you need it?

If you want to own a unique space for your business in the online world, get a custom domain and have complete control over your brand identity.

  1. Brand building

A custom domain helps you build a trusted brand image among your targeted audience. Get your brand reflected in a better light!

  • Helps your audience feel more confident while visiting your blog site.

  • Effective in boosting the credibility of your brand. 

  • Make your blog site look legitimate to your visitors. 

2. Online presence

Stand apart from the regular crowd and empower your brand’s presence with a custom domain name. 

  • Establish an online identity more effectively.

  • Showcase your brand name across all social media platforms.

  • Interact with your niche market more confidently.

3. Improved SEO

With TypeStack, you can maximize your SEO efforts by having better control over your strategies. 

  • Add a sub-path ( or a domain ( that suits your company. 

  • Choose a custom domain name that resonates with your business niche. 

  • Maintain your site’s SEO & Alexa ranking

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