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Customizable Themes


Better UI/UX to your blog attracts 42% more visitors

Customizable themes that add both aesthetics and functionality to your blog site.

How does it work?

Customizing a TypeStack theme is 5x easier! Tweak the elements according to your blog’s personality, to get a more professional look. 

1. Go to themes under the design tab on the sidebar. 

2. Select any theme from the Theme gallery. 

3. Click on the "Color" tab to change the color of various elements.

4. Select from 14000+ font options.

5. Build your own theme by selecting elements from the options and clicking on "Save theme". 

6. Edit the theme that you have built anytime

Why do you need it?

TypeStack themes offer you total control over the look and feel of your blog site. From banner image to font type, customize every element without any fuss!

  1. Easy Branding 

Showcase your brand with ease by customizing the various elements of your blog site. 

  • Build brand-recall among your audience.

  • Add a log, favicon, and banner image that suits your brand.

  • Maintain brand consistency throughout your blog site.

2. Better performance

Achieve SEO and business goals by getting a theme that is both responsive and designed for speed. 

  • AMP-enabled pages that load faster.

  • Auto-optimizes your content for technical SEO

  • Designed to score high in the Lighthouse test. 

3. More scalable

Get more flexibility and scalability with TypeStack’s customizable themes, and let your blog site grow without any hiccups.

  • Add more plugins for added functionalities.

  • Scalable enough for more web traffic.

  • Unlimited possibilities offering unmatched controls.

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