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Import Google Docs


When you can publish in seconds, why take hours!

Scale your blogging game by moving content from Google Docs to TypeStack instantly. 

How does it work?

See the magic happen with the click of a button

1. Go to posts, and click on the "Import Posts" tab. 

2. Locate ‘Import from Google docs’ and click on "Connect".

3. Provide necessary permissions and import.

Why do you need it?

Do away with repetitive tasks, and boost your productivity!

  1. Seamless content migration 

Transfer your writing from Google Docs to TypeStack without going through the pain of manually copying & pasting. 

  • Simple 3-step process to migrate your content.

  • Make your content go live in a few seconds.

  • Migration process that requires zero technicalities.

2. Automate publishing

Save tons of effort by leveraging TypeStack’s Import Google Docs feature and do more in the same amount of time. 

  • Say goodbye to manual work and welcome automation!

  • Simplify your blogging journey from writing to publishing.

  • Get the advantage of clean auto-formatting.

3. Team collaboration

Use Google Docs to write multiple blogs simultaneously, churn out more blogs by working together, and bring them to life in no time. 

  • Work efficiently as a team of content creators. 

  • Experience improved workflow. 

  • Put your content publishing in blazingly-fast mode.

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