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Plugins and Integrations


60% of marketers have a documented personalization strategy.

Get plugins that can increase your productivity by 5x.

How does it work?

Integration done in minutes.

1. Go to "Settings"

2. Under Integrations, select the tool you would like to integrate.

3. Provide the required details, i.e., Google Analytics ID, GTM ID, and Facebook Pixel ID, Google search console

4. Click on connect

Why do you need it?

Integrate plugins that can help you stand apart from the competition. This is useful to anyone who has a blog, but professional bloggers, startups, and agencies can really make a big out of these.

  1. Customization

With the help of Google Analytics, you will be able to understand and analyze your audience behavior thoroughly and customize the functionalities of your blog by implying the appropriate plugins. You’ll get advantages like:

  1. In-depth insights

  2. User behavior

  3. Conversion rates

2. Marketing

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can help you track conversions and monitor Google views which can help you improve your marketing strategy significantly. In addition to that, you will be able to achieve the following:

  1. Increased efficiency

  2. Improved tracking

  3. Enhanced targeting

3. Advertisement

A plugin as good as Facebook Pixel lets you take your advertising to the next level. Not only can you advertise your blog with it, but you also can track the activity related to your blogs effortlessly. This will lead you towards:

  1. Greater productivity

  2. Profitable content

  3. Intensified management

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