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Google Search Console

About the Plugin

Google Search Console can help you monitor, maintain, and optimize your site's presence in Google search results. It provides data on how Google crawls and indexes a site, highlights issues that may impact search performance, and suggests improvements for search engine optimization.

Why choose this Plugin?

For blogs, Google Search Console is a crucial tool that enables bloggers to monitor their site's performance in search results. It provides data on search queries, click-through rates, and impressions, which helps bloggers understand how their content appears in search results. This information can help bloggers identify opportunities to improve their content's visibility and drive more traffic to their sites.

How to Integrate this Plugin?

Here is what you need to do to integrate the Google Search Console widget into your TypeStack account:

  1. Go to and click on start now.

  2. Copy the TypeStack URL onto the URL prefix field and click on continue. 

  3. Select the HTML tag under other verification options. 

  4. In TypeStack Settings, go to Plugins.

  5. Click on the "Connect" button next to Google Search Console. 

  6. Copy the code after the “Content” in the meta tag displayed in the text field, and click on “Save”. 

  7. Go back to the Google Search Console and click on “Verify”.

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