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About the Plugin

No doubt, Instagram as a social media platform has become increasingly popular among bloggers and content creators. If you want to showcase your content on this platform, you can use the Instagram widget. It is a tool that allows bloggers to embed their Instagram feed directly onto their blogs.

Why choose this Plugin?

The Instagram widget lets you showcase your content and engage your readers. It can help you increase your online presence and attract new followers. It can lead to increased engagement, which can translate into more monetization opportunities. Additionally, an Instagram widget can enhance the visual appeal of a blog post, providing readers with a dynamic and engaging experience.

How to Integrate this Plugin?

Here is what you need to do to integrate the Instagram widget into your TypeStack account:

  1. Go to the TypeStack Editor to create a new post or page.

  2. Copy any Instagram post link on the Editor directly and see its preview immediately in your post/page. 

  3. Or, you can add the "Link" widget and paste the respective link.

Once it’s done, your readers can see the link preview on the post/page. They can view this post by clicking on this link.

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