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About the Plugin

We all know that YouTube is a powerful video-sharing platform that has become a crucial tool for bloggers and content creators alike. Every month, YouTube gets 1.7 billion unique visitors! Being the second-most visited website in the world, leveraging the power of YouTube becomes absolutely essential.

Why choose this Plugin?

The benefits of using YouTube in blog posts are numerous, as it allows bloggers to add rich and engaging content to their written posts. Videos can help to explain complex ideas or concepts and can also provide visual aids to enhance the reader's understanding of the topic. Additionally, YouTube allows bloggers to expand their reach by tapping into its massive user base, potentially reaching millions of viewers.

How to Integrate this Plugin?

Here is what you need to do to integrate the YouTube widget into your TypeStack account:

  1. Go to the TypeStack Editor to create a new post or page 

  2. Copy any YouTube link on the editor and see its preview immediately in your post/page 

  3. Or, add the "Link" widget and paste the video link 

Once it’s done, your readers can see the link preview on the post/page. They can watch the video by clicking on this link.

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