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21 Insanely Useful Blogging Tools for Writing, SEO, Marketing, Content Creation, and More

We all know that SEO-optimized and exceptional blogs are the foundation for attracting potential readers. Growing a blog can be daunting. But with the right blogging tools, you can improve awareness, increase site visibility, enhance web traffic, and generate quality leads.

From content creation to SEO, competitor analysis, writing powerful headlines, scaling your social media, and more, there are diverse tools available to utilize for your blogging needs. In this blog, we will talk about 21 amazingly useful blogging tools to help you succeed as a blogger.

The best blogging tools you can try out!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, these blogging tools have kickass functionality to attract your readers.


TypeStack is a no-code blogging platform and a WordPress alternative designed to cater to your dedicated content and blogging needs. It uses AI to optimize your content for SEO and page speed. With features like lightning-fast load speed, detailed analytics, custom domain, free SSL, server-side rendering & AMP pages, auto sitemaps, and more; you can produce and publish content effortlessly.

A better understanding of its functionality can lead to compelling content creation that your readers will enjoy. It is ideal for professionals who want to commence or boost their blogging journey.


WordPress is an open-source blogging platform and a top-notch content management system. Someone who wants to design a highly-customizable and flexible blogging site should leverage the features of the platform. With its diversified themes and 80,000+ plugins, building and designing a customizable website can be hassle-free. Its free version is easy to set up and designed for beginners. But if you want to expand your blogging business and capitalize on untapped opportunities, switching to its paid version would be a perfect choice.

However, WordPress demands technical knowledge. So, if you want to utilize its features to your advantage, you have to hire developers. In the end, if you add up all the expenses, it can turn out to be expensive for you.


Medium is a free blogging or online publishing platform that helps you to spark conversations and build a trusted community through content creation. It doesn’t restrict its users in terms of ideas or industry. You have the freedom to produce content on topics and niches that interests you and resonates with your target audience.

With its global reach, you can get an opportunity to reach millions of users and build trust and credibility. It is free to use and has a minimalistic design. Although it doesn’t allow you to personalize your website like other platforms. It has made it easy for users to share stories and ideas with millions of users.


Writing is one of the most important elements of your blog. But grammatically incorrect posts can drive your users away and make you lose your credibility. Here is how Grammarly can be a useful tool for you:

  • Grammarly can help you produce grammatically correct and plagiarism-free blog posts.

  • You can copy and paste your draft on the Grammarly app and it will start showing you the suggestions.

  • While the free version only detects punctuation and spelling mistakes. The premium version will detect tone issues, complex sentences, wrong choices, and overall vocabulary issues.

You can either use the Grammarly app or install it as a Chrome extension on your browser. Every writer, marketer, or entrepreneur who writes content pieces can use Grammarly to edit long and short content pieces with Grammarly editor effortlessly.

It’s always better to check your content before publishing it live.

Hemingway Editor

A grammar check isn’t enough if you want to produce exceptional blog posts and gain a competitive edge in the industry. It is critical to hook the audience from headline to conclusion. Thus, your entire content should be scannable. And Grammarly can restrict you with these features.

Hemingway Editor is a free tool that analyzes your text readability. It highlights readability scores, complex sentences, passive voice usage, overuse of adverbs, and more. These suggestions can assist you to write better and make your text readable and scannable.

If you want to produce error-free and redundancy-free blog posts, Hemingway editor is an ideal editing tool for you. But it works better for short content pieces. So, make sure you leverage it accordingly.

Blog Ideas Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator is an excellent tool for creating topic ideas for your content. Writers and marketers often get stuck with content ideas and end up creating nothing. It can put your blogging career at a risk. So, how about getting an auto-generating list of blog ideas?

This blog ideas generator tool uses advanced features to generate blog topics or ideas for you. You can enter up to five words that represent your topic in a search bar. Then click on ‘’Give me Blog Ideas’’ and tadaa, it will generate a list of 5 blog ideas for you.

You can also get access to a year’s worth of blog ideas and intricate details in consolidated SEO strategy by filling out the form. It is useful for both beginners and experts who are clueless about blog topics or are running out of ideas.


Ahrefs is one of the most reputed SEO tools in the market. It allows you to nail your SEO blog strategies and emphasize keyword research and competitor analysis. This tool helps you target the right and relevant keywords with the highest traffic and lowest difficulty to rank for.

With its two-week trial, you can understand its functionality effortlessly; however, once the trial period is over, you need to switch to its paid plan to continue accessing its features. It is highly recommended for experts or bloggers at the mid-level because it is a comprehensive tool and you need to spend some time learning its functionalities. Its features like keyword research, competitor analysis, content explorer, and backlink tracking can help you use Ahrefs to its full potential.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is another great tool if you want to optimize your blog for relevant keywords, meta titles and descriptions, URLs, and internal links. It provides SEO recommendations on the content pieces you produce and highly optimizes your blog. It is specially designed to enhance the on-page SEO of your site.

Apart from this, Yoast SEO also analyzes the readability of your text and provides suggestions on grammar, tone, sentence structure, and more. If you don’t want to use two different apps for SEO and editing, Yoast SEO is the right choice for you.

It can be used by bloggers or marketers who want in-depth guidance on blogs and to strengthen their SEO strategy to rank higher on search engines and improve their online visibility.

Free Keyword Research Tool by Ryan Robinson

Blogging isn’t just about creating and publishing content. If you fail to optimize your blog posts for the right and relevant keywords, your content will lose its meaning and won’t reach your potential target audience. Thus, investing in keyword research is important.

The Free Keyword Research Tool is incredibly simple and allows you to do keyword research on a particular topic. You can simply type the keyword phrase and get results for monthly volume, difficulty, and other keyword suggestions to optimize your blog better.

It is a forever-free tool. So, you can leverage it without worrying about monthly plans. Through this tool, you can get dozens of new ideas on keywords and topics to make your blog post more valuable for your readers.


Blog posts have no longer remained about the text. The internet and the rising awareness of the audience have changed it for the better. Adding relevant and high-quality images or videos can increase the attention span of your readers and make them more interested in your content.

Canva is one of the most simple designing tools that can also be used by beginners or non-designers to create custom images for blog posts. It has thousands of in-built templates that can be customized according to your blogging needs and content ideas. Today, it is important to create attractive blog posts to please the eyes of readers. Its free version has limited templates. But its paid version has unlimited templates and design ideas catering to your blogging needs.


If you are looking to add HD animations and video clips along with simple graphic designs, use VistaCreate. Formerly known as Crello, it is a multimedia editing tool and a one-stop shop for static and animated graphic design. It offers 6,50,000+ stock images that you can use in your blog posts. Using relevant graphics or videos can optimize your blog for better search result rankings.

Like Canva, VistaCreate also offers various themes and templates that can be personalized according to your content topics. While some of its graphics and templatized images are free, its other pricing plans come with extensive online support and more stock options images.

Death to Stock

Are you someone who belongs to the artistic industry? Are you someone who wants to showcase your artistic side to the world? If yes, Death to Stock is the right tool for you. It is designed by an artist and offers a premium subscription and high-resolution lifestyle images. Death to Stock has more than 4,500 image options that can be used for your blog posts.

The best part about this tool is that every month over 35 new images are added to the site, expanding your options. Whether you want high-quality and attractive blog post images, carousels, galleries, and headers. Death to Stock is highly recommended for the ones who want to make their site more aesthetic or belong to the artistic world.


BuzzSumo is an advanced version of Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator. Like Hubspot’s ideas generator tool, it generates a comprehensive list of the most popular blog posts on particular topics asked by you. Through this, you can create new ideas for your blog and start creating relevant and quality content on similar topics.

Along with it, BuzzSumo also monitors blog mentions in real time. This way you can use the feature to your advantage by exploring unlinked brand mentions and turning them into new links for advanced SEO strategy to grow your blog. With BuzzSumo, you can discover new keywords, trending stories, customer questions, and content ideas while monitoring your blog and making it successful and visible in no time.


The end goal for every blogger is to get his readers to subscribe to his blog, enhance online visibility, and improve conversion rate. ConverKit is the marketing hub for creators who want to grow and monetize their audience hassle-free. It is an email service provider to grow your email list and scale your small business and help you get long-term success.

Its features are known to simplify overall digital marketing and content creation for you. Delivering effective solutions for drip email campaigns and creating simple forms to send dedicated emails to your subscribers are the two most popular features of ConvertKit.

Apart from these features, bloggers or marketers can use the tool to build an email list, and landing pages, set up automated emails, and personalize email templates to drive your email marketing campaigns.


OptinMaster is another simple alternative to ConvertKit. This tool can be used to build an extensive email list by easily capturing the email addresses of your readers. It is a powerful and effective conversion-optimized tool that allows you to generate quality leads and increase revenue by creating personalized emails based on buyer journeys and behavior to maximize the impact of sales, revenue, and conversions.

Through this tool, you can A/B test your email campaigns or personalized messages. A/B testing is an excellent strategy to analyze your readers' preferences and build new ways to incentivize your readers to join the email list or take the desired action.


SocialSnap is a popular social sharing plugin that helps you drive more traffic and engagement on your blog by leveraging the power of social media. It allows you to add social share buttons on your site and customize them as per your needs and preferences.

The best part about this leading WordPress plugin is that it boosts your overall SEO strategy, improves your page load speed, and increases online visibility without any hassle.


Just like social media, the live chat option has become a necessity for creators. Although not many creators are using this strategy; leveraging the capabilities of the LiveChat tool can allow you to understand your readers better and resolve their queries quickly. It is critical to understand the pain points of users to produce and publish relevant and valuable content.

You can also create automatic messages to reach out to your customers. After a while, you can effortlessly create survey results, dive deep into the insights, understand customer behavior, and create better content. Survey results can be created by asking your readers to fill out the survey form.

Design Hill

Sometimes you may not have the bandwidth to design attractive graphics or images for your blog posts. This is where Design Hill can help you out. This image tool is slightly different from other design tools. It is a graphic creator marketplace where you can hold contests and ask other creators to design an image for you.

Make sure you give crisp details to the designers. It will help them understand your requirements better. You can also give them feedback if you want to change some elements in a particular design. Through Design Hill, you can receive several options and the freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Using different tools for email marketing, SMS marketing, and live chat can be daunting. Sendinblue allows you to design personalized emails, custom SMS marketing, and live chat in a single place. Its features like the Facebook ads module, re-targeting, and landing page creation help in easing digital marketing efforts for you.


Missinglettr is an automated social media platform that turns your published content pieces into engaging social media posts. In simple words, it detects new blog posts on your site and automatically converts them into a social media promotional campaign, reducing your efforts altogether. Its Curate feature allows you to find relevant content in your industry and add it to your publishing queue, and reach your target audience effortlessly.

Make My Persona

Identifying your target audience before producing content is critical. It is the first step in every content strategy. HubSpot’s Make My Persona tool walks you through the process of building a persona and demonstrates your readers' fictional representation or identities. Creating personas ensures that you are creating content for the right target audience. This way you can easily understand their tone and style and end up creating relevant blog posts.

Wrapping it Up!

Investing in the right blogging tools can smoothen your blogging journey and help you build a deeper connection with your audience. You can explore the list of these blogging tools and choose the ones that perfectly meet your requirements.

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