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For Bloggers & Content Writers

Blogging requires creativity, dedication, patience, and marketing skills too! When a blogger already has so much on their plate, it does take a good amount of time and effort to taste success in the blogging field. 

Lots of bloggers initially start with a ton of zeal. However, owing to the stiff competition and the need to be multiplayer in this business somewhat put a dent in their morale. As a result, they end up quitting their blogging business.

Streamline your blogging process

To be a professional blogger, you’ve to streamline your entire process, which includes research, writing, editing, optimizing the content for the search engine, formatting, and publishing. In the current market, there are plenty of blogging tools and content management systems available, such as WordPress, Ghost, Medium, and Wix. Among them, WordPress is the most widely used option. But, does it mean WordPress is the best option you’ve got? Does it offer the best experience you need as a professional blogger? 

Well, there are many reasons or rather drawbacks that make WordPress a not-so-smart option for professional bloggers. Some of them are:

  • Slow page speed

  • The complexity of lots of plugins

  • Website vulnerabilities

  • Poor SEO ranking

  • Frequent theme updates

Intelligently designed TypeStack addresses these issues through its smart features, such as best practices for SEO, clutter-free editor, high security & encryption, and pages auto-optimized for speed (AMP-enabled). TypeStack basically does all the heavy lifting so that you as a professional blogger can focus only on writing great content. If you have a team, TypeStack also supports team collaboration features.


A professional blogger is looking for a better tool to write, publish, and manage their blog posts. Though the WordPress editor offers tons of features, the labyrinth of elements in the UI somehow adds to the distraction. With TypeStack, everything feels super easy because of its simple and clear UI, auto-optimization of content & images, and zero maintenance.

Scenario Output

Once the blogger starts using the clutter-free editor of TypeStack, which comes with ‘Focus-mode’, he/she will be able to focus just on writing great content. The real-time synchronized SEO checklist will help the blogger follow the necessary steps so that his/her blog can rank higher. 

From generating robot.txt, and sitemap to optimizing the page for speed, everything will be taken care of. Instead of worrying about SEO technicalities, plugins, and theme updates, the blogger just needs to write the content and then either publish it instantly or simply schedule it. This way, scaling and growing a blog gets a lot easier.

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