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For Content Marketers & Agencies

Nowadays, many companies/businesses prefer hiring digital marketing agencies to enhance their online presence and brand reputation. Digital marketing agencies are often connected with different companies for multiple purposes, but most important of all is blogging: an effective content marketing strategy that involves creating and publishing informative & engaging content on a creative blog.

These Agencies help companies create and publish high-quality blog content. This is one of the reasons why digital marketing agencies are in demand today.

Handle multiple companies with Ease 

One of the major reasons that digital marketing agencies connect with varied companies is blogging and other marketing services. Including creating and publishing blog posts on behalf of the companies that hired the. Typestack is perfect for such agencies because it comes with a feature where one account user can create different profiles for different companies or work partners and easily shift from one profile to another.

In addition, via Typestack, agencies can easily collaborate with different people or their staff by adding them to different projects at the same time. Typestack’s main motive behind these features is to smoothen and ease the path of work for its users.


Working with one company: Typestack helps agencies in creating and publishing high-quality blog content when dealing with one client or company with its features like collaboration, Google Analytics Integration, and Google Docs Import. 

Working with multiple companies: In addition to how easy it is to deal with one company, Typestack is a great pathway for digital marketing agencies to produce blog and content that engages and informs their target audience. With it, agencies can switch from one profile to another without worrying about creating different accounts. Not to mention, it helps them store of their content/work at one place but for different clients. 

Scenarios output

This feature of creating different profiles with the same account provided by Typestack is extremely helpful for agencies handling other clients- multiple or single. With it, they can create separate profiles for each client and manage their blogs, articles, and other content from single dashboard. 

Also, it helps them manage their work more efficiently, deliver better results, increase productivity, ease of management, and streamlined communication when it comes to their clients. All of this in one place with affordable price.

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